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Expert Money Advice Everyone Needs Before 40

money advice

Money Advice to Live By… People in their 40’s face many of the same decisions. Sending kids to college or getting ready to, dealing with the demands of a busy career and a busy family, preparing for retirement and thinking about how you will manage when that day arrives. By making some right choices in…

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Raise Financially Responsible Kids

raise financially responsible kids

Tips for Raising Financially Responsible Kids! Consistency is key when having financial success as well as when raising children. Not a surprise that consistency is one of the most important aspects to raising financially responsible kids. We all want the best for our kids. The best school, the best friends, the best life. Teaching them…

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Budgeting Advice: What NOT To Do

budgeting advice

Look Out for These Budgeting Pitfalls… Like anything that is worthwhile budgeting needs to be done carefully. Done well – it really can help you grow your wealth. Done poorly – it will only bring you frustration and disappointment. For many of us budgeting is something we were not trained to do, and perhaps we’ve…

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Tips For A Beginner Personal Budget

personal budget

Begin Your Personal Budget. Establishing and keeping a personal budget is one of the first steps to financial freedom. Whether you already are working with a form of a budget or you have yet to establish your first written budget, this information will be helpful to you. Today we look at the basic parts of…

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Ready To Increase Your Personal Finance Literacy?

personal finance

You Can Learn About Personal Finance! The world has changed. A Lot! Over the decades and centuries, one consistent change has been that more and more people have access to more and more education and information. This opportunity to be educated consistently raised the experience of living life on earth to new levels. Today with…

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Improve Your Cash Flow!

cash flow

Control Your Outflow! Want to improve your household cash flow? Thinking like a CEO can go a long way towards making your financial situation better and more efficient at home! Let’s take a look at some powerful insights on how corporate tactics can be applied at home. Just as company executives contract and expand outlays…

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Tips for Paying Off Debt FAST

Paying off debt fast

The Stack Method. Want to get rid of your debt? The “stack method” is a very effective strategy to use when you’ve got debt you need to take care of. Making a plan empowers you to feel like you’ve got it handled now, and makes it easier to take care of debt in the weeks,…

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Tips to Lower Your Taxes!

lower taxes

Want Lower Taxes This Year? Want to drop your tax bill? It’s possible! Don’t overpay on your taxes this year. Check out these helpful tips to make the most of the tax code and drop your bill down a notch! Beef up your retirement savings Fund a retirement account or two, or increase your contributions…

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Pay Your Mortgage Off Early

pay your mortgage

Want to pay your mortgage off faster? There are some simple strategies to help you along the way. The first one is easy and becomes passive with just a little bit of planning. Whether it’s based on your yearly bonus or just a trick of the calendar, putting some thought into how and when you…

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