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Even With Debt, You Still Need An Emergency Fund

emergency fund

Why Build an Emergency Fund While You Still Have Debt? It may seem counter to good thinking to put money in savings when you are paying interest on debt. Pay the debt off first you think. That stops the interest charges so you are handling your money more wisely right? Well, possibly not. In the…

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Think You Can’t Buy A Home? Think Again!

buy a home

Are You Ready to Buy a Home? Are you considering buying a home, but not sure whether you are ready financially? Here are some things to consider particularly concerning the payment you can afford, what to do about consumer debt and savings. Let’s take a look at this advice and see if it is helpful…

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Can You Save While Paying Off Debt?

pay off debt

Is It Possible to Save And Pay Off Debt? When you have debt to pay off it may seem impossible to address both paying down that debt until it is gone and at the same time building your savings. Where will the money come from? Below is a look at how one man approached this…

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Spend Less to Improve Cash Flow!

cash flow

Sure Fix to Improve Your Cash Flow! You make many spending choices every day. We all do. Some are large, but many are small, multitudes are small! For most of us those small choices add up big time. Life is so busy, so demanding, how is it possible to slow down long enough to get…

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