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Post Debt Blues?

being debt free

Adjusting to Life Without Debt. Getting out of debt is a worthwhile goal that most people who have it share. It takes work and planning to achieve this huge accomplishment. No one who has ever had debt will question that life without it is better than it was when they owed money every month. Life…

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Understanding A Family Budget

family budiget

Steps To Start Your Family Budget… Do you ever get locked up thinking about your finances? It’s all too common to get nervous about money and let that stop you from taking the steps necessary to get true control. Don’t let nerves keep you from starting your family budget – it’s not as complicated as…

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Debt Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Life!

Life Balance Don't Let Debt Ruin Your Life

Don’t Forget Balance! If you’re trying to pay off debts – especially large debts – it might start to feel like it’s taking over your life. And while becoming debt free is an important step to take, you still need balance to maintain a healthy life and make sure that things don’t end up getting…

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Most Americans Don’t Have An Emergency Fund

money emergency

Americans Can’t Afford Emergencies! If an emergency happened tomorrow, say a trip to the ER or a flat tire, could you easily reach into your savings account to cover it? If you’re like most Americans, unfortunately, you couldn’t. There’s a surprising percentage of people who are living paycheck to paycheck without an emergency fund and not…

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How Does Debt Change Your Life?


2 Ways Debt Destroys Your Confidence. If you’ve ever been saddled with debt, then you understand that it’s not just a financial issue – it’s an emotional one as well. And if you don’t keep your mindset in the right place and remember some perspective, it’s easy to feel like it’s taking over your life.…

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Teaching Your Elementary Age Kids About Good Money Habits

good money habits

Help Your Kids Develop Good Money Habits! Starting to teach your kids good financial habits can start very early. The sooner you begin, the more confidence they will develop. When you help your children understand how good money habits work it becomes less mysterious. They will believe they can control their choices with money and…

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Are You Ready To Change Your Money Mindset?

money mindset

What is Your Money Mindset? Do you know your money mindset? It’s a simple concept, but one that can carry a great amount of weight when it comes to making healthy, prosperous financial decisions for the rest of your life. The term money mindset may seem a little nebulous, so I want to pin it…

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Managing Your Stress About Money Worries

money worries

Reduce Stress About Money Worries. Many, many people today experience some level of stress concerning money worries. This type of stress is of course very unpleasant but it can also have an impact on your health, your relationships and your future. The truth is that stress is often more damaging than the actual financial situation.…

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Up Your Budget Mastery With These Tricks!

budget mastery

Steps To Budget Mastery! The fact is, budgets are only as truthful and complete and as you make them, which means leaving a few expenses off here or there can leave you far over budget by the end of the month. These are some great tips to help you be as honest and forward thinking…

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