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How Does Your Household Debt Measure Up?

household debt

Household Debt Levels in America… The first step in getting out of debt is to take a hard look at what your household debt really is. With that in mind, here is a look at what the average household debt is in America. This discussion focuses on revolving credit, student loans, transportation and housing. Take…

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Is Early Retirement Right for You?

early retirement

Things To Consider About Early Retirement. Early retirement sounds great, but actually making the decision to retire early is a different story. Deciding to stop working, stop bringing in your normal income and make a permanent change to live off of your retirement warrants serious thought, but it can be done and be fantastic. Here…

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Is Cash Envelope Budgeting Right For You?

Is Cash Envelope Budgeting Worth The Effort? If you find your month is often longer than your paycheck, or you look at your savings getting lower each month because you have to make unexpected withdrawals, you may want to consider using cash envelope budgeting. You may wonder: could this really be worth all the effort?…

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