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Making Better Financial Decisions

financial decisions

Making The Best Of Financial Decisions We All Face. When it comes to making good financial decisions many people have questions. It’s possible that you are facing certain financial decisions for the first time and are unsure which course is best. Let’s face it, for most of us, finances are both confusing and a little…

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Creating a Great Credit Score

Credit Profile

How to Build a Great Credit Profile. The first step to building a great credit score is to build a great credit profile. Credit reporting agencies want to see that you have used credit and that you manage your finances responsibly. These reporting scores, however, are compiled based on raw data and are not subjective.…

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Avoid These Common Retirement Savings Mistakes

Retirement savings

Are You Making These Retirement Savings Mistakes? Saving for retirement is one of the most important things you can do for your financial future. Even so, retirement savings mistakes are a common occurrence. Unlike in the past when companies started withdrawing money from your paycheck on day one toward your pension, today, most people make…

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Before Saving For Your Child’s College, Know This!


What You Need To Know Before Saving For Your Child’s College. We all know how expensive a college education is in today’s world. You may be ready to start saving for your child’s college because you know that even state schools tuition and living expenses have risen more than most of us can imagine in…

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Don’t Let Your Student Loans Hold You Back

student loans

Are Your Student Loans Limiting Your Choices? Student loans are a reality for more and more people in the workforce. The higher total dollars owed in student loan debt that so many face mean that carrying that debt is a part of your financial life for years after you graduate from college. Making larger purchases…

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How To Stop Ignoring Your Finances

Ignoring Finance

Its Time To Stop Ignoring Your Finances! The way to make a change for the better in your financial life is to decide to face it head on and make changes. You absolutely can change your financial picture for the better if you take the right steps. Here is advice for ways to keep your…

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How Student Loan Debt Affects Your Credit Score

student loan debt

Does Your Student Loan Debt Affect Your Credit Score? Student loans are a very common type of debt if you’ve attended college or universities. They often take many years to repay because of the size of the loan and the payment structure. So if you have student loans or are considering getting a student loan…

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Financial Denial – Are You There?

financial denial

Find Out If You Are In Financial Denial. If you can’t understand why you don’t have money left over after you pay your bills, you could be in financial denial. “NO!” you say,”I know where I stand with money and I don’t kid myself.” That may be true, but if you aren’t able to save…

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Avoid These Savings Mistakes


Help Yourself By Avoiding These Common Savings Mistakes. Everyone works hard for their money and most people want to hold on to some of their hard earned cash. Somehow week after week savings just doesn’t happen. This pattern can leave a person feeling exhausted and discouraged. They put in hard work but feel there is…

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Steps To Financial Security

financial security

First Steps to Financial Security! Financial security is something we all want. For many it seems an elusive goal. The truth is that you can reach and maintain financial security if you understand some basic principles and take the right steps. Here are the first steps to take on the road to financial security. Build…

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