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The Most Important Money Advice In Your 40s

Money advice in your 40s

Expert Money Advice – What Matters Now! Do you know the most important financial steps to take in your 40s? From investing in your retirement savings, to your parents’ financial plans, to saving for your children’s college, there are a few key things to remember and focus on in this decade of your life. If…

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Overcoming Financial Fears

Overcoming Financial Fears

Don’t Let Financial Fears Stop Your Progress! It’s all too common to respond to fears by avoiding whatever it is that scares you. For those who struggle with financial fears, most often they push the details away – not opening bank statements or hoping your balance is sufficient rather than really knowing your dollars and…

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Do You Have Passive Income Working For You?

Passive Income

Do You NEED Passive Income? When you’re seeking financial freedom, then one of the most important elements is get passive income on your side. What does that mean? It means that you must break out of the cycle of trading your time for money. By creating a system where your income isn’t purely based on…

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Choosing The Right Life Insurance Beneficiary

life insurance beneficiary

Important Terms… Have you decided who should be your life insurance beneficiary? The decision can become more complicated than many people expect, when you think through the different legal and financial ramifications. Below is a good breakdown of a few important terms within the world of life insurance to help you start figuring things out…

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Have Your Life Insurance Needs Changed?

changing life insurance needs

Updating Your Coverage… Have you ever thought that once you get life insurance lined up, you’re done forever? You might be missing something pretty important! As different elements of your life change, like your number of children, income level, or marital status, your life insurance needs and premiums will change, too. If your income and…

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Ways To Increase Your Disposable Income

Disposable Income

Understanding Ways to Increase Your Disposable Income. If you are like most people you want to increase your income. Don’t assume you can’t do this. You may need to change your thinking. You may need to approach it differently. With some creative thinking and taking action it is likely that you can increase your disposable…

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What Will Your Retirement Needs Look Like?

Retirement Needs

A Simple Guide To Determine Your Retirement Needs. It’s hard to hit a target that you cannot see. For that reason, it is smart to know how much your retirement needs will be so you will know how much you need to save. The idea of sitting down and coming up with a number that…

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Keep Your High Schooler Money Smart

Raising Money Smart Teens

Raising Money Smart Teens! Helping your teen gain the skills to manage money well and build a strong financial future for themselves is an important task. Teaching your teen to be money smart actually begins when your children are young with the most basic understanding of money and spending. By the time they reach high…

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Organize Your Finances For More Money Freedom

Financial Organization

A Few Steps To Organize Your Finances. Few things will shake most of us up as much as suddenly realizing we’ve missed something important. It could be a financial deadline, sending in important paperwork, or misplacing a document you need. Whatever it is, you can do away with that rotten feeling by taking a few…

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