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Debt Is Bad For Your Health

debt bad for your health

No Question Debt Is Bad For Your Health… If you have student loan debt, credit card, debt or other debt that is limiting you financially you already know it is something you don’t like. If you haven’t been motivated before to make a plan and pull out all stops to pay down your debt this…

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How Peer Pressure Affects Your Debt

peer pressure can put you into debt

How Your Social Life Can Put You In Debt. Often times the money issues that arise from your social life aren’t just about the events you attend – they come from your own emotional reactions to what other people do, buy, and have. Comparing your life and purchases to those of people around you will…

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Should You Prepay Your Mortgage?

prepay your mortgage?

It’s Smart To Prepay Your Mortgage – Right? Maybe not. Of course, it completely depends on your situation. When you prepay your mortgage you pay less interest over the life of your loan, you increase your equity and you move toward living debt free. All of that sounds great and it sounds like a decision…

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Shrink Student Loan Debt

Shrink Student Loan Debt By Reducing Interest. If you think you can’t shrink student loan debt by reducing what you pay in interest on your student loan you are mistaken. I’m not talking about lowering your interest rate, but actually reducing the amount you have to pay no matter what your interest rate is. The total…

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How Much Should You Save Per Month?

save each month

A Real Life Example… Nearly everyone has heard the old pieces of advice “Focus on savings! Build a nest egg! Save for retirement!” But what, specifically, does that mean for your monthly budget? Is there a one-size-fits-all answer? Nope! But don’t worry, there’s still some great advice out there about figuring out your own situation…

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The Relationship Between Credit And Lending

Good and Bad Credit

Credit Scores And Loans – A Match Made In Banking Heaven! Do you ever wonder why your credit score seems to always be the key to your financial future? Why can’t you get a line of credit – for, say, a new car or to start a business – without a stellar credit score? This…

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Do You Know HOW Your Credit Score Changes?

Credit Score Changes

How Often Can It Change? Did you know that your credit score, on average, changes every month? Some people believe that a credit score is given once and never changes. Others think that because you are told to check it once a year, it must only change once a year. But in reality, credit agencies…

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How Your Credit Score Affects Interest Rates

Relationship between Credit Scores and Interest Rates

The Relationship Between Credit And Interest. People talk all the time about how you need a good credit score if you want a stable financial life. Heck, we talk about it around here nearly every week! But Why is that, exactly? Why does your ability to borrow money for, say, a new house or new…

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Understanding Tax Credits

Deductions vs Credits

Deduction Vs. Credit. When it comes to lowering your tax bill, there are two main players – tax deductions, and tax credits. But what’s the difference? Most people are familiar with tax deductions and how they work – essentially, bringing down your taxable income number so you pay less. But fewer people are as well-versed…

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