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Ways To Cut Your Mortgage In Half

Cut your mortgage in half

Cut Your Mortgage Term In Half. You’ve probably seen ads online that offer you a trick or a secret to cut your mortgage in half. Getting the answer from those ads is a bit tricky, too! In the real world of having a mortgage, there are real ways to cut your mortgage in half or…

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Saving Money And Eating Well

saving money eating well

Make Delicious Healthy Food For Less Than You Think. For most families, the grocery bill is one of their largest monthly expenditures. Unlike most large monthly budget items, the grocery bill contains hundreds of small purchases for each of the items you buy at the grocery store each month. Saving money on some of those…

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Important Considerations For The DIY Retirement Plan

DIY Retirement Planning

Consider This When Planning Your DIY Retirement Plan. As a small business owner setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees, there are some important things to consider. There are several types of plans. We covered two of the most popular options for small businesses, a Simple IRA and a SEP IRA, in…

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Small Business Retirement Strategies

Small Business Retirement Strategies

Which of the Small Business Retirement Strategies Will You Choose? Every small business owner is well aware that the buck stops with them. There is no head office making decisions for the business owner. Similarly, there is no larger corporation that will set up and fund the business owner’s retirement. Day to day operations are…

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Killer Tax Strategies For Small Business Owners

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies From The Experts… Let’s face it – everyone hates tax time. But one of the groups who dreads it the most, without question, is small business owners. Why? Because it’s all on you! There are tons of extra guidelines, forms, and payments when you’re running a business of your own, and it can…

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Homebuyers Beware: Hackers Steal Mortgage Funds!

Identity Theft

Scammers Phish To Steal Mortgage Funds. Few things are more exciting than buying a new home. Everything about the decision is important. This will be your home, your family’s home and the place where you create your lifelong memories. In addition, for most people buying a home will be the largest single purchase they will…

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Save Money On Groceries Every Day!

Saving money on groceries

Strategies to Help You Save Money On Groceries. You may think it won’t make much difference in your budget to save money on groceries. It’s just a few dollars or cents here and there, right? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Groceries are one of the largest portions of every family’s budget. We buy…

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How And Why To Track Your Net Worth

Track your Net Worth

How To Calculate And Track Net Worth. Net Worth is one way to evaluate your finances and understand where you really stand when it comes to building wealth. To calculate your net worth simply make a list of your assets giving each an accurate value and make another list of your liabilities. Then subtract and…

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Create A Personal Cash Flow Statement

Personal Cash Flow Statement

The How & Why Of Personal Cash Flow Statements. Unlike a net worth statement, which is a snapshot of a moment in time in your financial life, a personal cash flow statement is a portrayal of your net monthly cash flow. There are a number of ways to measure your overall financial health. Using a variety…

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Understanding Discretionary Income vs Disposable Income

Discretionary Income

What Is Discretionary Income? It’s important to understand the difference between disposable income and discretionary income when it comes to working with your personal finances. Disposable income is the income left after deducting taxes from your gross income. Discretionary income is a subset of disposable income and is the income left after further deducting all…

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