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The Spending Plan That Is Right For You!

spending plan

Context Is Key! Let’s be honest – no two budgets are exactly the same. Everyone’ situation is different, from your income to expenses, from goals to priorities, there is no “one size fits all” answer. That’s why understanding HOW to budget is vital. It’s puts you in control of your own wallet and your own…

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Tax Strategies For The Middle Class

tax strategies

Here Are Tax Strategies For You! If you think that having a tax strategy is something that only applies to the wealthy, think again. If you plan ahead there are a number of tax strategies that could help save money for middle-class families all over America. This goes beyond the home mortgage interest deduction or…

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Save Money To Buy Your First Home

your first home

Take These Steps To Save Money For Your Down Payment. Buying your first home is an exciting event and one that most of us look forward to for months if not years. Thinking and planning where you will live and what kind of home you want to buy is great, but while you are planning,…

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Is Rental Property The Right Passive Income For You?

Rental Property

Things To Consider Before Buying Rental Property. In discussions of types of passive income, you will often hear rental property mentioned as an option that can work for almost anyone. While it is true that if you educate yourself, anyone is free to enter the rental market as a landlord if they make the necessary investment and…

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New Retirees Face Big Surprises

new retirees

New Retirees Find These Financial Surprises. When you’ve worked hard and planned well and look forward to a predictable financial future in your retirement, as new retirees these surprises are not welcome Three areas that often bring unwelcome surprises for new retirees are medicare, your mortgage, and taxes. So take a look at these three…

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What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You To Know

credit card practices

Common Credit Card Practices You May Not Know. The world of credit changes often and without notice. So unless you have made it your business to know all the twists and turns of the credit card industry you may be surprised to find out some of their common practices. These practices can cost you money,…

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Simple Ways To Raise Your Credit Score

credit score

Ways To Raise Your Credit Score By 100 Points. Having a low credit score can affect you in a number of ways. We all know it makes borrowing more difficult if not impossible. A low credit score can also cost you money. If you borrow you will pay higher interest rates because of a low…

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How To Spot and Stop Debt Addiction

debt addiction

What Is Debt Addiction? Almost all of us use credit cards regularly. In today’s world using credit is an accepted practice. So much so that if you don’t use credit cards it actually can hurt your credit score. Since using credit day in and day out is a normal part of modern culture what is…

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How Important Is Budget Mastery?

Budget Master Ninja

The Why And How Of Budget Mastery. If the word budget makes you sweat, then budget mastery may sound impossible. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Here’s a look at why budget mastery is so important to your financial future. Then a practical idea of how to take your first step toward mastering your…

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How Do Banks Make Money From My Mortgage?


Banks Make More Than Interest On Your Mortgage! If you’ve taken out a mortgage chances are that soon after that you received a letter saying your mortgage had been sold to another lender. It’s very possible this has happened to you more than once on the same mortgage. When borrowing money to buy a house…

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