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Are You Making These Retirement Planning Mistakes?

Don’t Let These Retirement Planning Mistakes Cost You! When it comes to retirement planning, the details can often start to feel overwhelming. Between the different types of plans, the rules and regulations associated with them, and each person’s unique situation, it’s all too easy to get lost. But there are some important – and more…

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Is A University Education All It’s Made Out To Be?

university education

University or College? There’s no doubt about it – making a post-secondary education decision is hard. There’s tons of societal pressure to get a university degree, but with the current job market, the value of going into that level of student debt is coming into question. Going through years of higher education, only to come…

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Start A Business Without Money

start a business

You Can Start A Business Without Money (Almost)! One of the best ways to pay down debt is to increase your income. If your current job is great but doesn’t offer much hope of a higher paycheck anytime soon, don’t give up. It is possible to start a business without money, or very close to…

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How To Use Multiple Bank Accounts

bank accounts

What’s The Danger Of Only Having One Savings Account? Having a savings account is an important step toward taking financial control of your life and reaching your goals. But is one account enough? Maybe not. These are a few important points to keep in mind if you only want to keep one single savings account.…

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Getting The Most Out Of You Home Inspection

home inspection

Questions To Ask Your Inspector. Buying a home gets complicated, but one of the most vital parts of the process (and one that people often overlook) is a thorough and knowledgeable home inspection. But it’s not just about getting an inspector on the property, it’s also about getting the most out of the process, which…

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Should You Wait To Take CPP?


Questions About Canadian Retirement Benefits, Answered! Do you have questions about CPP? Should you take it as early as possible, or put it off as late as you can? There are tons of different opinions about the best strategy here, but at the end of the day you have to make the right choice for…

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Do You Have A Shopping Addiction?

shopping addiction

What’s Behind Shopping Addiction? Do you know the line between a shopping spree and compulsive spending? Most often, compulsive behaviors stem from negative emotions and the need to cover them up. Much like substance abuse, shopping addiction comes from a sense of need, not desire. Below is a good breakdown of not only the impetus…

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First Steps To Financial Literacy And Financial Success

financial literacy

Step One – Knowing Why Financial Literacy Important To You! For many adults who don’t work in finance, the terms and complexities of everything to do with financial literacy sends their stress level through the roof! For many, they find it so overwhelming to understand financial terms and strategies that they choose to give up…

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Money Management For College Years

money management

 Start On A Strong Foundation! Whether you’re going back to school or you’re about to send your oldest to university for the first time, it’s important to remember that good money management is one of the biggest keys to success both in school and after graduation. Although nearly everyone comes out of school with at…

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Tax Strategies When You Say “I Do!”

tax strategies

How Marriage Changes Your Taxes. After you get married, there are a lot more changes to your tax return than just your filing status. After deciding if you will file separately or together, you and your new spouse have a whole host of other tax strategies to review – many of which can save you…

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