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Debt Reduction Mistakes

debt reduction

Avoid These Debt Reduction Mistakes! No matter how determined and well-intentioned they are,¬†even very smart people can make mistakes when working to pay down their debt. The reason is that debt reduction is not something that comes naturally to most people. So when they begin even if they have some idea of the plan it…

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Prevent Identity Theft When You Move

identity theft

Take These Steps To Prevent Identity Theft When You Move! Moving is all about details, details, details. Taking apart our lives piece by piece, packing it up, putting it in the hands of strangers and then putting it back together when we arrive. With all the confusion and distractions we may not realize that we…

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Get A Raise By Cutting Your Monthly Expenses!

monthly expenses

When You Cut Monthly Expenses It Adds Up! It’s expensive to live in the 21st century. That’s no surprise to anyone. Technology is great but expensive. Monthly expenses like grocery costs continue to rise. We hear regularly that most people haven’t experienced the wage growth that was common 20 years ago. Add all of this…

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How Much Should I Spend On Rent?


What Percentage Of My Income Should I Spend On Rent? When shopping for a new place to live, knowing what your budget is for rent is the first, most important decision you need to make. Taking time to find the right apartment or house is a time consuming and complicated process. You don’t want to…

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