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Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Mortgage!


Important Money Questions About Your Mortgage Anytime you are dealing with complex financial decisions or documents like getting a mortgage, it pays to ask questions. A couple of obvious questions may come to mind anytime you think “mortgage”. First, what is the interest rate on this mortgage? We all know we want the lowest possible…

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When Should I Use My Emergency Fund?

emergency fund

3 Important Questions. Dave Ramsey is one of the best names in the financial world. He gives practical, useful advice to free yourself from debt and live a better life, starting immediately. His rule for choosing when to use your emergency fund consists of three questions. Is it Unexpected? Is it absolutely Necessary? And last,…

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It’s Time To Conquer Financial Stress

money stress

Are You Stressed About Money? Struggling under the weight of financial stress can start to feel overwhelming. Will you have enough to retired? Do you have to work into your 80’s just to afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement? This mindset is all too common. But does money have to be such a burden? No!…

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Be 401K Smart As You Start Your Career!

401 k

What You Need To Know About Your 401K As You Begin You’ve finished school and started your career. It’s an exciting time and a time full of changes. Taking on the challenge of learning the details of your 401K and taking smart action to make the most of it, is likely the farthest thing from…

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Spending Less As A Student

spend less

Saving In School Could Make All The Difference! School is hard enough as it is, but it’s made all that much harder when you add the stress of money and debt on top of keeping your grades in check. Getting a college education is expensive, but there are ways to cut your costs, watch your…

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Canada Tightens Mortgage Qualifications Again!

mortgage qualifications

New Mortgage Qualifications Make It Harder To Buy A Home Until now, home buyers who chose the five year fixed rate mortgage could qualify based on the contract rate, not the mortgage qualifying rate. The contract rate was always considerably lower than the MQR. This practice made mortgage qualifications easier for a larger mortgage. But…

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Ways To Increase Your Income

increase your income

Increase Your Income and Improve Your Financial Picture! Having a well rounded and healthy financial life involves a number of areas. When you increase your income you can go a long way toward making all the other financial pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Here is one look at ways to increase your income.…

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Are Home Renovations A Good Investment?

home renovations

Will Your Home Renovations Pay Off? For most of us, our home is our largest single asset. From a financial perspective making home renovations to keep your home in good condition is a smart move. Routine maintenance and repairs to keep your home up reduce the risk of larger more costly repairs that could occur due…

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