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What Do Americans Do In A Money Emergency?

money emergency

What Is A Typical Money Emergency? The definition of a money emergency is going to vary depending on your financial position. It may surprise you to know that for almost two-thirds of Americans an unexpected $500 expense constitutes a financial emergency. Having an emergency fund of $1000 or more is the place to start to…

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Make Extra Money By Becoming A Virtual Assistant!

make extra money

Need To Make Extra Money? If you’re strapped for cash, or trying to save extra to build your emergency fund or make a big purchase, then you’re liking looking for a way to make extra money. Ever considered becoming a virtual assistant? If not, today’s the day to think about it! Working on the side…

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Having The Money Talk With Your Significant Other

money talk

Timing Matters! If you haven’t talked about finances with the person you’re dating, it might be worth thinking about having the money talk soon. Financial issues touch just about every part of our lives, and how someone handles money will become important if you find yourself wanting to make a commitment. So how do you…

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Get Ready For These New Financial Trends

financial trends

How Will New Financial Trends Affect You? There is much discussion of major changes coming with the new administration that could affect your personal finances. Today we look at a few important new financial trends that could make a difference for your financial outlook. When it comes to getting ahead financially, understanding the trends and…

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Will Canceling A Credit Card Hurt My Score?

canceling a credit card

Thinking Of Canceling A Credit Card? We’ve all been there! You end up with a card you don’t use, or a line of credit at a store you no longer visit. But there’s another side to every coin, and when it comes to credit, things get complicated fast. Many people say it damages your credit…

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Ask For A Raise To Increase Cash flow

increase cash flow

Earn What You’re Worth! Do you believe your salary adequately reflects your work and value to the company? If not, it might be time to do a little research and have a sit-down with the higher ups. If you need to increase cash flow, then asking for a raise should be your first line of…

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Late-Start Retirement Savings – You Can Do This!

late-start retirement savings

It’s NEVER Too Late! For anyone with a less-than-ideal retirement account (or none at all), it’s easy to feel behind, or even desperate. You’re fine now, but what about when you’re ready to leave the rat race? Will you EVER be able to retire? It’s absolutely true that saving from a young age is ideal…

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Is It Time For Student Loan Forgiveness?

student loan forgiveness

Don’t Fall For The Scams! When it comes to student loans in the US, things can get very confusing, very fast. But there are a few very important things to keep in mind when you’re trying to lower your student debt. The first is this: Companies will charge you to seek out student loan debt…

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