Do you hate wasting time? I do too. That’s why I specialize in using automated systems. These proven systems reduce stress, increase free time to do the important things in life, like spending time with family and friends.


Time-tested, step-by-step systems work in the real world. Now let’s make them work for you!

I’ve helped people reduce or save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and debt payments by fine-tuning the way they see money, and restructuring the way they deal with debt.

In fact, we’ve been able to do this in less time than conventional ways of repayment.

DEBT.  Fewer words provoke such extreme emotions as the word – debt.

Many refuse to talk about it. The topic is taboo like money, religion, sex or politics.  Like money, debt is raw and garish. It’s intensely personal and highly charged.

Debt makes people feel guilty and ashamed that they’ve amassed so much of it, and yet have nothing really to show for it.  They are a slave to it.  That’s no way to live.

It’s time to pull back the curtains, take back control and slay this Beast once and for all…!

I started www.TheFinancialProfit.com, to share with as many people as possible what works for me and many of my clients – today!  My mission is to broaden my scope of influence and help millions more.

Debt Free is the truest expression of Freedom.  Debt, if used properly, can be a good Servant but if not, it’s a terrible Master.

The Financial Profit community shares, encourages, supports, and celebrates with each other their accomplishments of slaying the Debt Dragon – it’s not taboo to us!

We’ll help you when you’re struggling, and celebrate when you’re triumphant!  Let’s not be victims but victors over our financial affairs once and for all.

My Story

Hey, I’m Peter and I’ve created a lot of debt in my lifetime, and I’ve paid off a lot of debt too – $451,000 in fact!

Along the way I made mistakes…but I’ve learned from those mistakes and fine-tuned the process along the way.

I’ve risen up from the ashes with some time tested, tried and true systems that helped me purchase 2 homes in 6 years (paid for free and clear) and I’m working now on my 3rd home.

With my wife, retired for over 15 years due to Debilitating Depression, it has been a really tough go for our family.  And it really hit us financially too.

I’m sharing this personal side to show you that even with one income, it is still possible to radically reduce and eliminate DEBT – for good…

With one income, I began to create sources of passive income.  This cash flow came from investments that once they were setup properly, I didn’t have to spend hours and hours exchanging time for money.

This is the KEY, we all have the same amount of TIME available to us.  But we all have different skills, talents, and perspectives on how well we use this TIME.

I began to realize that in Today’s Information Age, it is important to exchange Value for Money.  I purchased valuable Assets that generate money month in month out.

My Mission

Like I said before – I HATE Debt!  I want you to hate it so much that you’ll do what it takes to rid yourself of it, and live in the truest expression of freedom – Debt Free Freedom!