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Put Your Money To Work For You!

put your money to work

Start Now And Put Your Money To Work! The idea of making money off of your money isn’t new. It’s something that most of us want to do, but for so many seems like an impossible dream. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many ways to put your money to work for…

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Don’t Miss These Smart Ways To Save Money!

save money

Save Money Like a Pro! When it comes to money we all want to improve our skills so we can save money like a pro! After all, every dollar you save can be put to work achieving one of your financial goals. New habits take time to become second nature, but motivating yourself to stick…

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How Is Your Financial Literacy?

financial literacy

What Does Financial Literacy Mean To You? Money, money, money… We all think about it many times a week – sometimes many times a day! With money being a “must have” to get along in the world that makes sense. The next question is: How do you rate yourself when it comes to financial literacy?…

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Personal Finance Tips To Build Wealth!

personal finance tips

Use These Personal Finance Tips To Grow Your Wealth! If you want to grow your personal wealth it can help to listen to personal finance tips from people who have done that successfully. The fact is that for many very wealthy people it wasn’t one windfall that grew their net worth. It was making good…

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Are You Considering Retiring At 62?

retiring at 62

Is Retiring At 62 Right For You? If you are counting the days until you can retire and take social security, thinking about getting paid every month for all the years of social security taxes you have paid, this post is for you. You will see that it is wise to strongly consider taking some…

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Do You Have A Financial Emergency Plan?

financial emergency plan

Be Smart Create A Financial Emergency Plan? One of the first steps to building a solid and bright financial future is to create an emergency fund. In addition to creating your emergency fund, have you ever considered developing a financial emergency plan? This may sound like an unnecessary step, but in the event of an unexpected financial emergency…

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Lower Your Cost Of Living By House Hacking!

house hacking

Watch Your Cost Of Living Drop When You House Hack! Cost of living is an important component of your personal financial picture. Whatever your income, your cost of living directly reduces your bottom line as you spend on living expenses. For most people, the cost of shelter is by far their largest expense line item.…

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Selling Your House: Improvements That Will Help

selling your house

Cheap And Easy Improvements To Help When Selling Your House! If you’re selling your house and thinking about home improvements to help, expensive kitchen and bath remodels may come to mind and seem impossible. Would you be surprised to learn that with just a few hundred dollars and a little effort you could make improvements…

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Don’t Overlook These Tax Deductions!

tax deductions

These Tax Deductions Could Save You Money! Many Americans overpay their taxes every year simply because they don’t take tax deductions that are available to them. These are not complicated loopholes or things only apply to the wealthy. These are tax deductions that anyone itemizing their return can take if they are eligible for the…

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Set Great Financial Goals For Yourself!

financial goals

Start With Great Financial Goals This Year Setting goals in life is the first most important step toward moving ahead! Time and time again it’s been shown that people with written goals are more successful when it comes to reaching their goals than those who don’t take the time to write them down. You want…

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