Boost Your Finances With A 2nd Career During Retirement!

2nd career

Why Stop Earning? Have A  2nd Career During Retirement!

If you are approaching retirement age, but don’t feel at all like its time for the rocking chair, start a 2nd career during retirement instead!

More and more baby boomers are throwing out the old idea of retiring to a quiet life at 65. Instead, they choose to keep earning for years after they technically retire. Many things about retirement are great and it is possible to enjoy some of those things and start a 2nd career as well.

By pursuing something that you really enjoy and staying active and involved you may find you gain more than the extra income it brings along. Many seniors find that their lives are just more interesting and they enjoy the social aspects of continuing to work in some way.

Here are a few ideas to help you as you think about what 2nd career will be right for you!

2nd career

Best Jobs for Seniors? Should You Stay in Your Current Job?

While some employers encourage retirement at or even before 65, many other employers wish to retain their employees for as long as possible. There is no rule that says you must retire at any age. If you enjoy your current job and/or the benefits of your job (financial, social, or other) then there is really no reason to voluntarily leave.

In fact, the only real reason to voluntarily leave a job is because you have something better to do. If you wish to stay in your current job past retirement age, but feel that you are being forced out by your employer, please consult information about age discrimination.

The Best Jobs for Seniors? Work on Something You Love!

You might not have pursued these jobs before retirement when you were building a life, supporting a family and saving for retirement because they did not provide the kind of stimulus or income you needed. However, jobs in venues that match your interests can be perfect for supplementing your income while also adding interest to your life in retirement.

The best jobs after retirement can enable you to work in an area that really interests you or can give you the flexibility to pursue those interests in your off time.

Think about jobs you can get that are related to your hobbies or childhood dreams.

Consider jobs that enable you to do what you like to do.

Contemplate jobs that provide a flexible schedule.

Travel Jobs for Seniors

Travel is often cited as the pursuit retirees would most like to spend in retirement. The travel industry offers a myriad of job opportunities for retirees.

In many cases you are working to cover travel expenses. But in some cases you can earn an income as well as reducing your travel costs. It may take some creative thinking, but you should be able to find a job to supplement your travel expenses and maybe even enable you to save money too.

See the World, Dance the Night Away! – Cruise ships often hire men or enable them to travel for free in exchange for acting as a dance partner to other passengers during the tour. Not a dancer? Don’t forget that cruise ships need everything from photographers to people to work in the gift shop.

Join the Tour – Have you been on any travel tours that you particularly enjoyed? Perhaps you could join the company, work and travel with them as a guide.

Room Please – Could you work for an airline or a hotel chain and get discounts on flights or rooms?

Snowbirding – The seasonal migration of vacationers means that there needs to be a seasonal migration of workers. As a retiree you might be able to work and vacation at the same time. CVS Pharmacies offers a program where their employees can migrate with snowbirds – working, for example, in New Jersey during the summer and Florida during the winter.

Stay A While and Enjoy the View – What about extended vacations in areas that require seasonal workers. You should be able to find short-term/part-time work in most touristed areas in the United States Try a ski resort for a few months while serving hot chocolate to other travelers, sell souvenirs for a few months at the Grand Canyon, and then bus tables in restaurant in Hawaii. – New Retirement

 Pursue Your 2nd Career From Home

A 2nd career doesn’t always have to be for someone else and outside of your home. Here are just two of the many ways that you can pursue a 2nd career on your own schedule and from anywhere you like!


Using the experience you’ve gained over a long career is a great way to start a new career, and consulting is an ideal outlet. “If you are a professional who has recently retired, you still probably have enough good business contacts to become a consultant in your chosen field,” says Jim Stedt, president and founder of Hartley and Associates. Consulting offers a flexible schedule and the opportunity to take on only the clients you want to work with.

“By mid-life you have solved many problems,” says Ellen Mastros of New Work New Life. “Most likely other people have those same problems and you can help them solve them too. One can become a consultant in just about any industry or career field.”

New technology

“People are now earning income in ways that we never could have even imagined just a few short years ago,” says Nancy Collamer, author of “Second-Act Careers: 50+ Way to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.”

“Selling on the Internet, self-publishing books on demand, and teaching webinars online,” are all options, she says. “Jobs we aspired to when we were younger have become obsolete, and new careers — like virtual assistants, app designers, social media consultants, and bloggers — have filled the void.” And many of these kinds of jobs can be done from home and on a flexible schedule. –

Have you considered continuing to work in some fashion after you retire for income and  interest?

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