How Is Your Financial Literacy?

financial literacy

What Does Financial Literacy Mean To You? Money, money, money… We all think about it many times a week – sometimes many times a day! With money being a “must have” to get along in the world that makes sense. The next question is: How do you rate yourself when it comes to financial literacy?…

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Are You Considering Retiring At 62?

retiring at 62

Is Retiring At 62 Right For You? If you are counting the days until you can retire and take social security, thinking about getting paid every month for all the years of social security taxes you have paid, this post is for you. You will see that it is wise to strongly consider taking some…

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Set Great Financial Goals For Yourself!

financial goals

Start With Great Financial Goals This Year Setting goals in life is the first most important step toward moving ahead! Time and time again it’s been shown that people with written goals are more successful when it comes to reaching their goals than those who don’t take the time to write them down. You want…

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Your Approach To Personal Finance Matters

personal finance

How Do You Approach Your Personal Finance? Have you thought about your approach to personal finance? Many people have not. We think about money ALL the time! But we are thinking about how to get it, how to spend it, and how to move it from one place to another to make things balance out.…

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Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees!

overdraft fees

Your Bank Is Making a Fortune on ATM and Overdraft Fees! Did you know that big banks are making billions in ATM and overdraft fees? CNN Money recently reported that three major banks racked in over $6 billion in these fees. Every dollar that a bank collects in overdraft fees is paid by a bank…

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Having The Money Talk With Your Significant Other

money talk

Timing Matters! If you haven’t talked about finances with the person you’re dating, it might be worth thinking about having the money talk soon. Financial issues touch just about every part of our lives, and how someone handles money will become important if you find yourself wanting to make a commitment. So how do you…

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Ways To Be Smarter About Your Money


Be Smarter About Your Money Going Forward If you are like most people there are ways you want to improve your financial habits and your financial future. If that describes you then take a look at these ways to be smarter about your money going forward. No matter what your financial habits have been in…

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Keeping Your Financial New Years Resolutions

financial new years resolutions

Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet! Ready to start the year off right? Then the best thing you can do is set out the right resolutions to create the year you truly want to have. Let’s break down some expert advice about financial New Years resolutions, setting the right ones and sticking to them. 1.…

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