Cash Flow

Avoid These New Job Financial Mistakes!

financial mistakes

Don’t Make These Financial Mistakes When You Start A New Job It’s exciting to start a new job or get a great raise! Everyone wants a little time to savor the experience and enjoy their new status. While you are thinking about how great your new position is and how much the new income is…

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Get Free Job Training And New Job Over 50!

free job training

Get Free Job Training And Sharpen Your Skills The one thing that has the largest impact on your finances is having a great job. You may already have a great career and have no need to consider making a change. But if you have been laid off, or if you can see that your current job…

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It’s Time To Conquer Financial Stress

money stress

Are You Stressed About Money? Struggling under the weight of financial stress can start to feel overwhelming. Will you have enough to retired? Do you have to work into your 80’s just to afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement? This mindset is all too common. But does money have to be such a burden? No!…

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Be 401K Smart As You Start Your Career!

401 k

What You Need To Know About Your 401K As You Begin You’ve finished school and started your career. It’s an exciting time and a time full of changes. Taking on the challenge of learning the details of your 401K and taking smart action to make the most of it, is likely the farthest thing from…

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Ways To Increase Your Income

increase your income

Increase Your Income and Improve Your Financial Picture! Having a well rounded and healthy financial life involves a number of areas. When you increase your income you can go a long way toward making all the other financial pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Here is one look at ways to increase your income.…

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Important Financial Choices In Your 60’s

financial choices

What Financial Choices Will You Make In Your 60’s? As you enter your 60’s retirement is getting closer all the time. Everyone’s situation is different and so their financial considerations and choices will also reflect those differences. For example, if your kids are grown and out of college those expenses are behind you, but if…

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What To Do With Your Finances In Your 50’s

finances in your 50's

Money Smarts For Your 50’s! In your 50’s many people are still working full time and enjoy a higher salary than when they were younger. It’s an important time to make smart money decisions with your finances in your 50’s. Here are a few tips about smart moves concerning money your owe and money you…

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Start A Business Without Money

start a business

You Can Start A Business Without Money (Almost)! One of the best ways to pay down debt is to increase your income. If your current job is great but doesn’t offer much hope of a higher paycheck anytime soon, don’t give up. It is possible to start a business without money, or very close to…

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Should You Wait To Take CPP?


Questions About Canadian Retirement Benefits, Answered! Do you have questions about CPP? Should you take it as early as possible, or put it off as late as you can? There are tons of different opinions about the best strategy here, but at the end of the day you have to make the right choice for…

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Get A Raise By Cutting Your Monthly Expenses!

monthly expenses

When You Cut Monthly Expenses It Adds Up! It’s expensive to live in the 21st century. That’s no surprise to anyone. Technology is great but expensive. Monthly expenses like grocery costs continue to rise. We hear regularly that most people haven’t experienced the wage growth that was common 20 years ago. Add all of this…

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