Will Canceling A Credit Card Hurt My Score?

canceling a credit card

Thinking Of Canceling A Credit Card? We’ve all been there! You end up with a card you don’t use, or a line of credit at a store you no longer visit. But there’s another side to every coin, and when it comes to credit, things get complicated fast. Many people say it damages your credit…

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What Are Your Financial Priorities For Your 30’s?

financial priorities

What Are Your Financial Priorities? Each decade of life brings new adventures and challenges. This is true in all areas of life and particularly true when it comes to choosing financial priorities. If you established good habits in your twenties and are making progress you are on your way. It’s time in your 30’s to…

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Take These Smart Financial Steps In Your 20’s

financial steps

Smart Financial Steps For Your 20’s. Your 20’s are a unique and great time of life. Starting out on your own after you finish school is exciting and can be scary. It sometimes seems like everything is happening in your life at once. Other times it feels like you have endless time to make important…

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What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You To Know

credit card practices

Common Credit Card Practices You May Not Know. The world of credit changes often and without notice. So unless you have made it your business to know all the twists and turns of the credit card industry you may be surprised to find out some of their common practices. These practices can cost you money,…

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Simple Ways To Raise Your Credit Score

credit score

Ways To Raise Your Credit Score By 100 Points. Having a low credit score can affect you in a number of ways. We all know it makes borrowing more difficult if not impossible. A low credit score can also cost you money. If you borrow you will pay higher interest rates because of a low…

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Better Credit Limit Means Better Credit Score

Better Credit Score

Why would you want a credit limit increase? So let’s say you have a credit card and it’s raising your credit score, but slower than you’d like. Is there anything you can do? Actually, yes there is! Because your credit score is, in part, calculated by your debt ratio, increasing your credit limit while continuing…

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The Relationship Between Credit And Lending

Good and Bad Credit

Credit Scores And Loans – A Match Made In Banking Heaven! Do you ever wonder why your credit score seems to always be the key to your financial future? Why can’t you get a line of credit – for, say, a new car or to start a business – without a stellar credit score? This…

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