Need To Refinance Your Car?


Have You Considered A Refinance? If you have a car payment you’d like to lower, or pay off sooner rather than later, then an auto loan refinance might be a good option. But it’s important, as with all financial decisions, to look at the situation from all sides and make sure it’s the right choice…

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Best Ways To Target And Pay Down Debt

pay down debt

Great Strategies To Pay Down Debt Fast! There are tons of different debt strategies, but one of the most common factors among them all is that the best time to start is now! By figuring out where your debt stands and how best to target your own unique situation, you can start to pay down…

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Is Student Debt Worth The Investment?

student debt

Is the cost of an education worth the results? If you want a solid career and a great future, most of us assume that an education is the key. But is the cost of schooling worth what you get out of it? A recent study commissioned by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. found that…

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Keeping Your Financial New Years Resolutions

financial new years resolutions

Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet! Ready to start the year off right? Then the best thing you can do is set out the right resolutions to create the year you truly want to have. Let’s break down some expert advice about financial New Years resolutions, setting the right ones and sticking to them. 1.…

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It’s Time To Take Control Of Canada’s Household Debt!

Canada's household debt

Canada’s Household Debt Continues To Rise! Earlier this year Canada’s government raised mortgage qualification requirements trying to slow down the white-hot housing market in Canada and particularly in certain cities like Toronto and Vancouver. At least a part of the purpose of the new requirement was to reduce Canada’s household debt by making it more…

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Should You Pay Off Your Car Early?

pay off your car early

Quick Ways To Pay Off Your Car Early! Are you ready to be done with car payments, once and for all? There are few things as freeing as knowing you own your car, free and clear. And you might be able to get there way faster than you’d expect! Here are a few great ways…

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Take These Smart Financial Steps In Your 20’s

financial steps

Smart Financial Steps For Your 20’s. Your 20’s are a unique and great time of life. Starting out on your own after you finish school is exciting and can be scary. It sometimes seems like everything is happening in your life at once. Other times it feels like you have endless time to make important…

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Debt Reduction Mistakes

debt reduction

Avoid These Debt Reduction Mistakes! No matter how determined and well-intentioned they are, even very smart people can make mistakes when working to pay down their debt. The reason is that debt reduction is not something that comes naturally to most people. So when they begin even if they have some idea of the plan it…

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How To Spot and Stop Debt Addiction

debt addiction

What Is Debt Addiction? Almost all of us use credit cards regularly. In today’s world using credit is an accepted practice. So much so that if you don’t use credit cards it actually can hurt your credit score. Since using credit day in and day out is a normal part of modern culture what is…

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