Emergency Fund

Do You Have A Financial Emergency Plan?

financial emergency plan

Be Smart Create A Financial Emergency Plan? One of the first steps to building a solid and bright financial future is to create an emergency fund. In addition to creating your emergency fund, have you ever considered developing a financial emergency plan? This may sound like an unnecessary step, but in the event of an unexpected financial emergency…

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What Do Americans Do In A Money Emergency?

money emergency

What Is A Typical Money Emergency? The definition of a money emergency is going to vary depending on your financial position. It may surprise you to know that for almost two-thirds of Americans an unexpected $500 expense constitutes a financial emergency. Having an emergency fund of $1000 or more is the place to start to…

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When Should I Use My Emergency Fund?

emergency fund

3 Important Questions. Dave Ramsey is one of the best names in the financial world. He gives practical, useful advice to free yourself from debt and live a better life, starting immediately. His rule for choosing when to use your emergency fund consists of three questions. Is it Unexpected? Is it absolutely Necessary? And last,…

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New Retirees Face Big Surprises

new retirees

New Retirees Find These Financial Surprises. When you’ve worked hard and planned well and look forward to a predictable financial future in your retirement, as new retirees these surprises are not welcome Three areas that often bring unwelcome surprises for new retirees are medicare, your mortgage, and taxes. So take a look at these three…

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Ways To Increase Your Disposable Income

Disposable Income

Understanding Ways to Increase Your Disposable Income. If you are like most people you want to increase your income. Don’t assume you can’t do this. You may need to change your thinking. You may need to approach it differently. With some creative thinking and taking action it is likely that you can increase your disposable…

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Organize Your Finances For More Money Freedom

Financial Organization

A Few Steps To Organize Your Finances. Few things will shake most of us up as much as suddenly realizing we’ve missed something important. It could be a financial deadline, sending in important paperwork, or misplacing a document you need. Whatever it is, you can do away with that rotten feeling by taking a few…

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Steps To Financial Security

financial security

First Steps to Financial Security! Financial security is something we all want. For many it seems an elusive goal. The truth is that you can reach and maintain financial security if you understand some basic principles and take the right steps. Here are the first steps to take on the road to financial security. Build…

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Are Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

living paycheck to paycheck

Living Paycheck To Paycheck in America. Financial stress increases tremendously when living paycheck to paycheck. We all know how it feels when you don’t have savings in case you have an emergency. After you pay the bills and necessities there isn’t enough left over to save and sometimes not enough to pay for all the…

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Most Americans Don’t Have An Emergency Fund

money emergency

Americans Can’t Afford Emergencies! If an emergency happened tomorrow, say a trip to the ER or a flat tire, could you easily reach into your savings account to cover it? If you’re like most Americans, unfortunately, you couldn’t. There’s a surprising percentage of people who are living paycheck to paycheck without an emergency fund and not…

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