Lowering Your Taxes

Not Everyone Who Earns More Pays More In Taxes!


Taxes Are A Coming! Or Are They? April 30th, the dreaded deadline for Canadians to pay their taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Not everyone owes the CRA money. There’s a growing number of Canadians that earn six-figures and won’t pay any income tax whatsoever! These are Canadians who LEGALLY avoided paying income tax.…

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Don’t Overlook These Tax Deductions!

tax deductions

These Tax Deductions Could Save You Money! Many Americans overpay their taxes every year simply because they don’t take tax deductions that are available to them. These are not complicated loopholes or things only apply to the wealthy. These are tax deductions that anyone itemizing their return can take if they are eligible for the…

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Avoid These Tax Mistakes!

tax mistakes

Don’t Make These Common Tax Mistakes! Every spring the tax man cometh. You want to be ready so you don’t make common tax mistakes and make your life harder and your wallet lighter! With so many demands on our time its all too easy to put off filing our taxes until the last minute. Here…

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Expert Tax Tips For Independent Contractors

tax tips

Ready to save some money? If you’re self employed, a freelancer, or an independent contractor, then you know how complicated tax time can be. While there are a lot of details to track and plenty of paperwork along the way, the good news is there are also tons of tax benefits to being your own…

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Tax Breaks For Parents

tax breaks

Tax Breaks for Parents You Don’t Want To Miss Raising kids is expensive and it’s important to make every dollar go as far as you can. So when tax time rolls around parents want to find all the tax breaks for parents possible. If you are looking for help saving on your taxes, here are…

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Simple Ways To Avoid A Tax Audit

tax audit

Important Ways To Avoid A Tax Audit We all file taxes each and every year. It’s unavoidable and for most of us, not something we enjoy. So, the last thing you want is to get a call, months or even years later, informing you that you are under a tax audit! Today we look at…

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Get Ready For These New Financial Trends

financial trends

How Will New Financial Trends Affect You? There is much discussion of major changes coming with the new administration that could affect your personal finances. Today we look at a few important new financial trends that could make a difference for your financial outlook. When it comes to getting ahead financially, understanding the trends and…

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Is An HSA Right For You?


Understanding The Benefits Of An HSA For many of us, the end of the year means choosing a new health plan or reviewing the details of the one you already have. If a Health Savings Account has come across your desk and you’re wondering if it’s the right choice for you, this basic explanation might…

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Year End Moves For Lower Taxes

lower taxes

Quick Tips For Lower Taxes Planning out your end of year financial moves could make all the difference in the world come April 15th. Look at your finances and consider putting one of these ideas into your playbook for lower taxes and an easier mind. Remember, December 31st is your deadline! Defer your income Income…

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