Lowering Your Taxes

Make This Important Tax Move If You’re Over 70!

important tax move

Important Tax Move: Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) If you turn 70.5 during 2016 it’s time to begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your IRA or 401K  pre-tax savings. Some people start taking these distributions much earlier, but if you have left your savings untouched to allow it to grow tax-free as long as possible, the time…

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Important Financial Choices In Your 60’s

financial choices

What Financial Choices Will You Make In Your 60’s? As you enter your 60’s retirement is getting closer all the time. Everyone’s situation is different and so their financial considerations and choices will also reflect those differences. For example, if your kids are grown and out of college those expenses are behind you, but if…

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Lowering Your Tax Bill, One Choice At A Time

lowering your tax bill

Are You Using These Tricks For Lowering Your Tax Bill? Well, maybe they’re not tricks. But putting enough ideas like these on your side and you might start to feel like a trickster come tax time. Did you know that the date of your wedding matters for your tax bill? Or just how valuable your…

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Do You Know How To Roll Over An IRA?


A Few Quick Tips. Let’s say you’re ready to make a change in your retirement plan and need to roll over your IRA to a new account. What are the most important things to remember? And what mistakes should you avoid? We’ve got you covered! First, a few tips from the experts about what to…

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Are You Making These Retirement Planning Mistakes?

Don’t Let These Retirement Planning Mistakes Cost You! When it comes to retirement planning, the details can often start to feel overwhelming. Between the different types of plans, the rules and regulations associated with them, and each person’s unique situation, it’s all too easy to get lost. But there are some important – and more…

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Tax Strategies When You Say “I Do!”

tax strategies

How Marriage Changes Your Taxes. After you get married, there are a lot more changes to your tax return than just your filing status. After deciding if you will file separately or together, you and your new spouse have a whole host of other tax strategies to review – many of which can save you…

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Tax Strategies For The Middle Class

tax strategies

Here Are Tax Strategies For You! If you think that having a tax strategy is something that only applies to the wealthy, think again. If you plan ahead there are a number of tax strategies that could help save money for middle-class families all over America. This goes beyond the home mortgage interest deduction or…

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Killer Tax Strategies For Small Business Owners

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies From The Experts… Let’s face it – everyone hates tax time. But one of the groups who dreads it the most, without question, is small business owners. Why? Because it’s all on you! There are tons of extra guidelines, forms, and payments when you’re running a business of your own, and it can…

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Understanding Tax Credits

Deductions vs Credits

Deduction Vs. Credit. When it comes to lowering your tax bill, there are two main players – tax deductions, and tax credits. But what’s the difference? Most people are familiar with tax deductions and how they work – essentially, bringing down your taxable income number so you pay less. But fewer people are as well-versed…

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Tips to Lower Your Taxes!

lower taxes

Want Lower Taxes This Year? Want to drop your tax bill? It’s possible! Don’t overpay on your taxes this year. Check out these helpful tips to make the most of the tax code and drop your bill down a notch! Beef up your retirement savings Fund a retirement account or two, or increase your contributions…

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