Lower Your Cost Of Living By House Hacking!

house hacking

Watch Your Cost Of Living Drop When You House Hack! Cost of living is an important component of your personal financial picture. Whatever your income, your cost of living directly reduces your bottom line as you spend on living expenses. For most people, the cost of shelter is by far their largest expense line item.…

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Selling Your House: Improvements That Will Help

selling your house

Cheap And Easy Improvements To Help When Selling Your House! If you’re selling your house and thinking about home improvements to help, expensive kitchen and bath remodels may come to mind and seem impossible. Would you be surprised to learn that with just a few hundred dollars and a little effort you could make improvements…

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Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

reverse mortgages

What Is A Reverse Mortgage? If you’ve heard the term reverse mortgage but don’t really understand what it means or how they work, here is a quick look at the basics of reverse mortgages and how they work. We’ve all heard the commercials saying that you can get cash for your home while you continue…

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Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Mortgage!


Important Money Questions About Your Mortgage Anytime you are dealing with complex financial decisions or documents like getting a mortgage, it pays to ask questions. A couple of obvious questions may come to mind anytime you think “mortgage”. First, what is the interest rate on this mortgage? We all know we want the lowest possible…

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Canada Tightens Mortgage Qualifications Again!

mortgage qualifications

New Mortgage Qualifications Make It Harder To Buy A Home Until now, home buyers who chose the five year fixed rate mortgage could qualify based on the contract rate, not the mortgage qualifying rate. The contract rate was always considerably lower than the MQR. This practice made mortgage qualifications easier for a larger mortgage. But…

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Are Home Renovations A Good Investment?

home renovations

Will Your Home Renovations Pay Off? For most of us, our home is our largest single asset. From a financial perspective making home renovations to keep your home in good condition is a smart move. Routine maintenance and repairs to keep your home up reduce the risk of larger more costly repairs that could occur due…

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Getting A Mortgage In Canada May Get Tougher!

mortgage in Canada

New Regulations Make Getting A Mortgage In Canada Tougher. Canadian homebuyers need to prepare for a new reality starting November 1, 2016 when getting a mortgage. The nation’s financial regulator announced new regulations impacting banks and lenders in mid-September. The proposed regulations are draft guidelines and are up for comment until October 18th, but if…

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