Passive Income

Should You Wait To Take CPP?


Questions About Canadian Retirement Benefits, Answered! Do you have questions about CPP? Should you take it as early as possible, or put it off as late as you can? There are tons of different opinions about the best strategy here, but at the end of the day you have to make the right choice for…

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Is Rental Property The Right Passive Income For You?

Rental Property

Things To Consider Before Buying Rental Property. In discussions of types of passive income, you will often hear rental property mentioned as an option that can work for almost anyone. While it is true that if you educate yourself, anyone is free to enter the rental market as a landlord if they make the necessary investment and…

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What Is Residual Income And Can It Help You?

Residual or Passive Income

Active vs Residual Income – You May Need Both! Understanding financial terms is an important step in making good financial decisions that will help you build a bright future. When it comes to income, it’s important to know the difference between active and residual income. Active income is income you earn by trading your time and…

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