Saving Money

Don’t Miss These Smart Ways To Save Money!

save money

Save Money Like a Pro! When it comes to money we all want to improve our skills so we can save money like a pro! After all, every dollar you save can be put to work achieving one of your financial goals. New habits take time to become second nature, but motivating yourself to stick…

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How Is Your Financial Literacy?

financial literacy

What Does Financial Literacy Mean To You? Money, money, money… We all think about it many times a week – sometimes many times a day! With money being a “must have” to get along in the world that makes sense. The next question is: How do you rate yourself when it comes to financial literacy?…

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Personal Finance Tips To Build Wealth!

personal finance tips

Use These Personal Finance Tips To Grow Your Wealth! If you want to grow your personal wealth it can help to listen to personal finance tips from people who have done that successfully. The fact is that for many very wealthy people it wasn’t one windfall that grew their net worth. It was making good…

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Set Great Financial Goals For Yourself!

financial goals

Start With Great Financial Goals This Year Setting goals in life is the first most important step toward moving ahead! Time and time again it’s been shown that people with written goals are more successful when it comes to reaching their goals than those who don’t take the time to write them down. You want…

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Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees!

overdraft fees

Your Bank Is Making a Fortune on ATM and Overdraft Fees! Did you know that big banks are making billions in ATM and overdraft fees? CNN Money recently reported that three major banks racked in over $6 billion in these fees. Every dollar that a bank collects in overdraft fees is paid by a bank…

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Money Moves In Your 30s


What To Do In Your 30s! Each decade of life comes with its own unique set of requirements and challenges. So when you hit your 30s and start settling into a new phase, what financial responsibilities come with that transition? Advance your career. In your twenties, you developed a marketable skill. Now it’s time to…

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Easing Your Money Stress

money stress

Don’t Let Your Mind Get Away From You! When it comes to money stress, one of the most important things to remember is that not every thought that comes into your mind is true. You look at your bank account, see that it’s lower than you expected, and think “What a failure” – Not true!…

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Having The Money Talk With Your Significant Other

money talk

Timing Matters! If you haven’t talked about finances with the person you’re dating, it might be worth thinking about having the money talk soon. Financial issues touch just about every part of our lives, and how someone handles money will become important if you find yourself wanting to make a commitment. So how do you…

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Late-Start Retirement Savings – You Can Do This!

late-start retirement savings

It’s NEVER Too Late! For anyone with a less-than-ideal retirement account (or none at all), it’s easy to feel behind, or even desperate. You’re fine now, but what about when you’re ready to leave the rat race? Will you EVER be able to retire? It’s absolutely true that saving from a young age is ideal…

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