Student Loans

Get Ready For These New Financial Trends

financial trends

How Will New Financial Trends Affect You? There is much discussion of major changes coming with the new administration that could affect your personal finances. Today we look at a few important new financial trends that could make a difference for your financial outlook. When it comes to getting ahead financially, understanding the trends and…

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Is It Time For Student Loan Forgiveness?

student loan forgiveness

Don’t Fall For The Scams! When it comes to student loans in the US, things can get very confusing, very fast. But there are a few very important things to keep in mind when you’re trying to lower your student debt. The first is this: Companies will charge you to seek out student loan debt…

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Is Student Debt Worth The Investment?

student debt

Is the cost of an education worth the results? If you want a solid career and a great future, most of us assume that an education is the key. But is the cost of schooling worth what you get out of it? A recent study commissioned by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. found that…

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Is Student Loan Repayment In Your Benefit Package?

student loan repayment

Do You Have Student Loan Repayment At Work? Anyone who still owes money from college is interested in every possible type of student loan repayment. Having a degree is great and can often open doors in your career that would be closed to you without a degree, but for many paying back that debt seems…

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Spending Less As A Student

spend less

Saving In School Could Make All The Difference! School is hard enough as it is, but it’s made all that much harder when you add the stress of money and debt on top of keeping your grades in check. Getting a college education is expensive, but there are ways to cut your costs, watch your…

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You Can Help Your Kids Understand Money!

kids understanding money

Do Your Kids Understand Money? If you are like most parents you see a real difference between how you used money and thought about money as a young person compared to how your kids use money and think about money in their everyday lives. Kids in today’s world full of information flowing from all directions…

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Is A University Education All It’s Made Out To Be?

university education

University or College? There’s no doubt about it – making a post-secondary education decision is hard. There’s tons of societal pressure to get a university degree, but with the current job market, the value of going into that level of student debt is coming into question. Going through years of higher education, only to come…

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Money Management For College Years

money management

 Start On A Strong Foundation! Whether you’re going back to school or you’re about to send your oldest to university for the first time, it’s important to remember that good money management is one of the biggest keys to success both in school and after graduation. Although nearly everyone comes out of school with at…

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Shrink Student Loan Debt

Shrink Student Loan Debt By Reducing Interest. If you think you can’t shrink student loan debt by reducing what you pay in interest on your student loan you are mistaken. I’m not talking about lowering your interest rate, but actually reducing the amount you have to pay no matter what your interest rate is. The total…

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