Student Loans

Before Saving For Your Child’s College, Know This!


What You Need To Know Before Saving For Your Child’s College. We all know how expensive a college education is in today’s world. You may be ready to start saving for your child’s college because you know that even state schools tuition and living expenses have risen more than most of us can imagine in…

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Don’t Let Your Student Loans Hold You Back

student loans

Are Your Student Loans Limiting Your Choices? Student loans are a reality for more and more people in the workforce. The higher total dollars owed in student loan debt that so many face mean that carrying that debt is a part of your financial life for years after you graduate from college. Making larger purchases…

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How Student Loan Debt Affects Your Credit Score

student loan debt

Does Your Student Loan Debt Affect Your Credit Score? Student loans are a very common type of debt if you’ve attended college or universities. They often take many years to repay because of the size of the loan and the payment structure. So if you have student loans or are considering getting a student loan…

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How To Teach Your Teen About Money


Understanding The Value Of Money. One of the best ways for teens to understand the true value of money is to understand what goes into earning it – which means getting a job. But having the job is only the first step. Once your teen starts earning money regularly, it’s important that they learn how…

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Tips For Paying Back Student Loan Debt

paying back student loan debt

Tips to Start Paying Back Student Loan Debt. If you have recently graduated from college and have student loan debt to repay, you want to get started right and stay on track. Your degree is important and will help you in your career for the rest of your life. Make a priority of repaying your…

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How Did We Create The Student Loan Epidemic?

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The Student Loan Epidemic! There’s a debt epidemic gaining momentum that is quickly (and unavoidably) taking over current and future generation’s financial lives. Sadly, the thing that is supposed to guarantee a stable, financially secure future – getting a college degree, entering the workforce with a credible formal education – is the thing setting them…

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How Does Debt Change Your Life?


2 Ways Debt Destroys Your Confidence. If you’ve ever been saddled with debt, then you understand that it’s not just a financial issue – it’s an emotional one as well. And if you don’t keep your mindset in the right place and remember some perspective, it’s easy to feel like it’s taking over your life.…

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Pay Back Student Loans Faster

pay back student loans faster

Strategies for Paying Back Student Loans Faster. It seems like everyone who’s out of college but not retired has student loans they are paying off. Hopefully, it won’t take you that long to pay them off but it does seem that way. A college education is very valuable and there is no question it helps…

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The New Odd Couple: Marriage and Student Loan Debt

marriage and student loans

Love And Marriage…and Student Debt? When you think about getting married, chances are your student loan debt is the last thing on your mind. But for many, it comes to the forefront soon after tying the knot. Joining finances and bills is already hard enough, without the added stress of student loan debt. But in…

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