Selling Your House: Improvements That Will Help

selling your house

Cheap And Easy Improvements To Help When Selling Your House! If you’re selling your house and thinking about home improvements to help, expensive kitchen and bath remodels may come to mind and seem impossible. Would you be surprised to learn that with just a few hundred dollars and a little effort you could make improvements…

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Don’t Overlook These Tax Deductions!

tax deductions

These Tax Deductions Could Save You Money! Many Americans overpay their taxes every year simply because they don’t take tax deductions that are available to them. These are not complicated loopholes or things only apply to the wealthy. These are tax deductions that anyone itemizing their return can take if they are eligible for the…

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Set Great Financial Goals For Yourself!

financial goals

Start With Great Financial Goals This Year Setting goals in life is the first most important step toward moving ahead! Time and time again it’s been shown that people with written goals are more successful when it comes to reaching their goals than those who don’t take the time to write them down. You want…

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Your Approach To Personal Finance Matters

personal finance

How Do You Approach Your Personal Finance? Have you thought about your approach to personal finance? Many people have not. We think about money ALL the time! But we are thinking about how to get it, how to spend it, and how to move it from one place to another to make things balance out.…

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Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees!

overdraft fees

Your Bank Is Making a Fortune on ATM and Overdraft Fees! Did you know that big banks are making billions in ATM and overdraft fees? CNN Money recently reported that three major banks racked in over $6 billion in these fees. Every dollar that a bank collects in overdraft fees is paid by a bank…

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Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

reverse mortgages

What Is A Reverse Mortgage? If you’ve heard the term reverse mortgage but don’t really understand what it means or how they work, here is a quick look at the basics of reverse mortgages and how they work. We’ve all heard the commercials saying that you can get cash for your home while you continue…

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Warren Buffett says: Invest in ETFs!

invest in ETFs

Advice From the Master! When it comes to money and investing, it’s hard to find a more authoritative voice than Warren Buffett. He’s made his name and career out of being the money guy, and he’s back this year – at 86! – to reaffirm a prediction he made ten years ago. Why does this…

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Avoid These Tax Mistakes!

tax mistakes

Don’t Make These Common Tax Mistakes! Every spring the tax man cometh. You want to be ready so you don’t make common tax mistakes and make your life harder and your wallet lighter! With so many demands on our time its all too easy to put off filing our taxes until the last minute. Here…

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Money Moves In Your 30s


What To Do In Your 30s! Each decade of life comes with its own unique set of requirements and challenges. So when you hit your 30s and start settling into a new phase, what financial responsibilities come with that transition? Advance your career. In your twenties, you developed a marketable skill. Now it’s time to…

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