Selling Your House: Improvements That Will Help

selling your house

Cheap And Easy Improvements To Help When Selling Your House!

If you’re selling your house and thinking about home improvements to help, expensive kitchen and bath remodels may come to mind and seem impossible.

Would you be surprised to learn that with just a few hundred dollars and a little effort you could make improvements that truly can help your house sell more quickly and sell for more money? It’s true.

In this excerpt from Zillow, you will see an example of how this can work when you are selling your house!

selling your house

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, there are two punch lists you need to worry about. The first contains all the issues a good home inspector is likely to find and report to prospective buyers.

The second list includes relatively minor improvements that can be extremely persuasive when it comes to seducing a buyer. Let’s call it the “I can live here list.” It’s based upon the premise that a buyer needs to be able to envision the home as his or hers — not yours. In other words, try to make your home feel less like you and more like a new house.

For the most part, the improvements are simple and inexpensive, things you can typically do yourself. Taken collectively, they can speed the sale of your home and ensure a fair selling price.

Do a thorough cleaning

It should go without saying, but dust bunnies and dirty windows are going to be turnoffs to most buyers. They are looking to buy a “new” house, so any signs of your tenure are bound to be negative. It’s worth hiring a service to clean carpeting and remove stains from upholstery.

Update the bath

If your toilet seat is worn, stained or dated, put in a new one (the cost is about $30 and the job takes less than 10 minutes). Replace the shower curtain and liner. This quick, inexpensive improvement spares prospective buyers the view of your mildew — even though they may have plenty of it back at their place. And, recaulk around the tub. This job, done right, will score lots of points with prospective buyers. – Zillow

More Quick And Easy Home Improvements To Get Your House SOLD!

These improvements aren’t big and overwhelming to accomplish but they can make a big difference in the outcome of your sale. Here are two more cheap and easy home improvements you can make right away.

Ditch the Clutter

When buyers walk through a house, they want to be able to visualize themselves living in the space. If your home is full of clutter, buyers will be too distracted by your stuff to imagine where they’ll put their belongings. Getting rid of unnecessary items makes it easier for buyers to see what you’re selling and it also creates the illusion of additional space.

Take a weekend to go through your things to figure out what you need to keep in the home, what can go into storage and what you can get rid of. Clearing off counters, organizing your desk, straightening up bookshelves and rounding up the kids’ toys can instantly make your home more appealing to buyers and more comfortable for you and your family.

Let the Light In

Outdated light fixtures or poor lighting can take attention away from your home’s most attractive features. Spending as little as $100 on new fixtures can give the house a more modern feel and keep buyers focused on its best attributes.

When you’re replacing fixtures, don’t forget to swap out your old light bulbs for ones with a higher wattage. You want buyers to be able to see all of the highlights when they walk through your home and if you’ve got dim lighting, they may be missing out on some key selling points. – Smart Asset

What inexpensive home improvements can you make to improve the look of your house and get it sold quickly?

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